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Amour Women is dedicated to empowering women, so we partnered with amazing local experts to bring you a magazine that will inspire you. Our magazine has wonderful articles, tips, and special offers with you in mind. A portion of every sale goes to supporting women of domestic violence. We thank you in advance for supporting us as we empower women.

Being a Working  Mother  Can Be Hard.

Amour Women gives women the opportunity to not have to choose between a career and family by helping them start their own business to create their own schedule.



Amour Women

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How We Are Changing The World

Small women owned business

For Women, By Women


We promote women-owned small businesses in the products we offer and the community we create.

Give Back

A portion of each purchase funds organizations devoted to helping women in need.

We Win Together


We believe that we are better together. We will be celebrating success every step of the way.

Who We Are

Founded by Canetha Amour-Porter, Amour Women is passionate about empowering women looking for a way to better her life with financial and personal success by helping her discover entrepreneurial skills within.

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