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Sensual CBD Oil Spray


Ladies, it’s sensitive to talk about our “vajayjay”, but whether you like to spice up things in the bedroom or you need a little help, our all-natural CBD Sensual Spray is going to be your new hidden secret! #EnjoyLadies

CBD Sensual Spray:

All-natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women and their partners – a blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested CBD oil.

Therefore, it promotes relaxation and increases blood flow thereby creating a potent “therapeutic aphrodisiac”.

As an all-natural plant-based medicinal, it works with your body to facilitate unique wellness experiences.

Although, for some women, it may awaken arousal and heighten sensation making orgasms more intense, fuller, or easier to access. For others, it can help promote natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension, and create the relaxation necessary for the sensual experience or restorative rest.

AW Exclusive sensual spray is MCT Oil-based and is NOT safe with latex.

THC Free. Lab Tested. Made with organic ingredients.

**** How To Use****

Apply directly to the vulva and clitoris using 2 – 3 pumps, effects are immediate, but waiting about 10 min is even better

With the purchase of this product your are supporting:

  1. Local Small Women Owned Businesses (products are made by women)
  2. Women in need through local organizations (5% goes back to organizations)
  3. Women aspiring to becoming self-employed (the person who you’re purchasing your products from)
  4. Empowering Teen girls in a safe community learning entrepreneur skills.

That’s right! You make such a difference when you purchase products from Amour Women.

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