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Amour Women’s Lifestyle & Legacy Magazine



Amour Women is dedicated to empowering women, so we partnered with amazing local experts to bring you a magazine that will inspire you. Our magazine has wonderful articles, tips, and special offers with you in mind. A portion of every sale goes to supporting women of domestic violence. To get your digital copy for $7.00 (30% savings) click here Amour Women’s Lifestyle & Legacy Magazine,

For a physical copy of our magazine, add this product to your cart. If your want a different title other than the newest issue, put the name of the issue in the comments.

We thank you in advance for supporting us as we empower women.

With the purchase of this product your are supporting:

  1. Local Small Women Owned Businesses (products are made by women)
  2. Women in need through local organizations (5% goes back to organizations)
  3. Women aspiring to becoming self-employed (the person who you’re purchasing your products from)
  4. Empowering Teen girls in a safe community learning entrepreneur skills.

That’s right! You make such a difference when you purchase products from Amour Women.

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