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Our mission is to empower women while celebrating how beautiful our diversity as women can be. We are all different but also the same. Our readers want us to celebrate their differences while speaking to our common bond of health, family, relationships, sisterhood, and motherhood. We’ve built an amazing relationship with our audience of women who trust us and the content we bring to them. We also partner with amazing Non-Profit heroes with a portion of every sale going back to women in need. Who wouldn’t want to advertise their products or services with us??? 

If you have a product or service that can make the lives of our readers better in any way, let’s make it happen!

Choose the option that works best for you. Once you’ve paid, a member of our editing staff will contact you to discuss further details on your product/service being advertised and which issue your ad will be feathered in. While we are grateful for your payment, it doesn’t automatically give a right to advertise with us. If we feel that it’s not a good fit we bear the right to refuse any ads and refund any money.


With the purchase of this product your are supporting:

  1. Local Small Women Owned Businesses (products are made by women)
  2. Women in need through local organizations (5% goes back to organizations)
  3. Women aspiring to becoming self-employed (the person who you’re purchasing your products from)
  4. Empowering Teen girls in a safe community learning entrepreneur skills.

That’s right! You make such a difference when you purchase products from Amour Women.

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