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 If you’re anything like me, you always wanted to save the world from its problems. I’ve always rooted for the underdog. I’m a woman who loves to see women win by being their biggest cheerleader. That’s why, It’s so exciting to inspire women to follow their dreams. Following my dreams, I opening my skincare company to helping mothers to have an all-natural option for the family’s skin. My dream was also to be able to be there for those special moments my children had and the not so special ones. Above all, putting my family first is the most important to me, but found myself having to choose between my family and work until I became self-employed. Now don’t get me wrong… I work hard and a lot of hours but, I can choose which hours I work to be available for my family.

Listen, I want to give you that same opportunity to you too! I want to be your biggest cheerleader as you take control back over your life and over what is truly important. Myself along with my amazing friends want to build a safe and supportive community for you. We want you to thrive and leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones. Join the movement Today!

Canetha Amour-Porter, Amour Women Founder

About Amour Women

Newly Launched Amour Women, is a forward-thinking direct sales company specializing in all natural products, hand-selected from various women-owned vendors. Amour Women is bringing together investors, direct sales reps and vendors to cultivate a collaborative community where everyone wins together.

Amour Women’s Commitment:

  • Created by Women – All products are created by women-owned businesses
  • Sold by Amour Women – Helping women build their businesses
  • Give back to Women – A portion of all sales will be donated back to women in need.
  • Inspire our Future – Our M.e. Amour program mentors teen-girls with entreprenuer skills
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